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HKU Nursing was established in 1995. HKU Nursing nurtures nursing leaders with an international outlook – our exchange opportunities with renowned Universities worldwide equip students with valuable experiences in different nursing care settings. The School is

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The admission interview is only one of the admission criteria. Priority for interview will be given to JUPAS applicants who placed HKU Nursing as their Band A. When will the interview be held? Interviews for the JUPAS applicants will be held in June and July.

Nov, 2019: HKU One-stop Shop for Undergraduate AdmissionsThe HKU One-stop Shop for Undergraduate Admissions provides an opportunity for prospective students to understand the academic programmes offered at the University for the 2020-21 academic year.

Learn more about HKU’s Campus Life Click Here Contact Us For summer programmes related enquiries, please email [email protected] . Telephone +852 3917 5886 Fax +852 2858 4986 Address MG14, Ground Floor, Main Building, The University of Hong Kong

The Master of Nursing (MNurs) programme provides opportunities for nursing graduates to prepare for advanced nursing practice in keeping with the rapid changes in healthcare in Hong Kong. The curriculum consists of six core courses, three elective courses and a

The MNurs Programme offers a part-time study mode, which consists of six semesters over two academic years and a full-time study mode of one academic year in duration. Students begin their studies in September each year and are required to complete the

The admission interview is only one of the admission criteria. Priority for interview will be given to Non-JUPAS applicants who placed HKU Nursing as their 1st priority. When will the interview be held? Interviews for the Non-JUPAS applicants will be held in January

HKU Nursing provides interdisciplinary learning opportunities – In addition to the 36 credits (6 courses) of Common Core Courses in four Areas of Inquiry offered by the University, our students also have the opportunities to broaden their learning experience by joining students of other healthcare professional disciplines, e.g. MBBS, under the Medical Faculty in our specialized Patient-Care

Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory’s oldest institute of higher learning and also an internationally recognized, research led, comprehensive university.

A selection of all Band A applicants of JS6456 may be invited to attend an interview during December 23, 2019 and January 3, 2020 (except Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve). Applicants will receive an email invitation for the

The course information system opens for current students to preview the available courses July 29, 2019 (Mon) (10:00 am) Online master registration of freshmen Online Course Selection for Current Students August 7, 2019 (Web) (10:00 am) – August 13, 2019

HKU Undergraduate Admissions Admissions and Academic Liaison Section, The Registry HKU HKU AAL HKDSE For local students For other students HONG KONG ASSOCIATE DEGREE & HIGHER DIPLOMA For students taking associate degrees / higher

We welcome your application to the University of Hong Kong via the International Admissions Scheme/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme for Undergraduate Programmes for: – Non-local students completing qualifications other than mainland China’s National Joint

Arrangement for Applicants with More Than One Sitting of HKDSE (2020 Entry) PDF Projected Enrolment of Undergraduate Programmes (2020 Entry) PDF Tuition Fees View 2019 Entry Interview Arrangements (2019 Entry) PDF Admission Grades (2019 Entry)

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1 The University of Hong Kong – Interview arrangement after the announcement of HKDSE results Faculty Code Study Programme Abbreviation Conduct interviews after announcement of HKDSE results? Will candidates who have not been interviewed before

11/11/2019 · Published on Nov 11, 2019 #HKUTalks #HKUNursing #Nursing The Bachelor of Nursing (BNURS) is a five-year full-time programme leading to an honours degree of the University.

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Based on the interview performance and the academic results available, conditional offers may also be extended to some non-JUPAS candidates who have entered for an examination or examinations with a view to satisfying the entrance requirements by August.

The Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) is a five-year full-time programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) In general, most of the programmes offered by HKU consider the best results achieved by candidates in different combination of sittings

India Education Diary – Thirteen HKU academics named amongst the world’s most highly cited researchers – December 8, 2019 Science Daily – What color were fossil animals? – September 24, 2019 Quartz – Should friends sit together at work? – September 19

【HKU Nursing 入學面試小貼士】 今年,「護理學學士課程」的入學面試將會以全新的面試模式— Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) 進行。為幫助同學準備面試,我們於五月十日

很久之前報讀了CUHK的nursing 以為沒有下落之際,突然收到email說幾天後有interview這完全沒有給我準備的空間啊!!!面試是小組方式進行,分別是1分鐘自我介紹+issue discussion 附帶近期急症室爆滿的新聞,討論在如此嚴峻的環境下,還會想當護士嗎(這是

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This programme aims to prepare enrolled nurses with advanced nursing knowledge and evidence-based clinical skills in nursing. This programme is accredited by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong (NCHK). Graduates will be eligible to register with the NCHK as a

Preparing for a HKU medicine interview but not sure where to begin? This page can help! The University of Hong Kong (HKU) opted to make the switch to Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) for local Hong Kong students under the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS).

18/7/2014 · non-jupas ge interview:-1-2 mins self-intro-what community activities you have participated-why choose nursing / HKU-discuss some moral problemsI hv worn sth like the below (with a watch) coz i dun have a suit jacket lol and still got several offers from hku sci

16 Dec 2019 HKU confirms that some flu vaccines cause a stronger immune response in older adults 28 Nov 2019 HKU discovers gut microbiota and its metabolites as key factors for exercise efficacy in the prevention of diabetes 1 2 Top 21 Sassoon Road

15/1/2019 · Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) BNurs (FT) admission exercise This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Interview Arrangements for JUPAS HKDSE Applicants – 2020 Entry The following are the tentative interview arrangements in 2020. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email or phone. The interview for students nominated under the School Principal’s Nominations

「守望相助健康義工培訓課程」于2019年12月21日舉辦了實務工作坊,共有150多位義工出席。是次工作坊主題爲「冬日護膚大作戰」 Date: 2019/12/21 more

HKU School of Nursing, 21 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam. 3,868 個讚好 · 23 人正在談論這個. HKU School of Nursing Facebook 會顯示資訊來協助你更深入瞭解專頁的用途。你可以查看內容管理和發佈者所採取

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Dr William HC Li, Director of HKU Youth Quitline, and Dr Eva KY Ho, representing our Women Quitline, made oral presentations at the meetings of Bills Committee on Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Bill 2019 in support of the Government’s proposal to

Interview Arrangement ( HKDSE Applicants ) The following summary only includes programmes which plan to conduct interviews and/or aptitude tests/assessments for the 2020-21 admissions exercise. As further changes on these arrangements may be made

1/5/2019 · HKU SPACE Nursing HD EN interview 2016 討論區 還原之理 二星級會員 帖子 413 積分 416 金幣 0 註冊時間 2014-8-17 發短消息 加為好友 1 # 大 中 小 發表於 2016-2-29 05:28 PM

The School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong is committed to protecting and improving health for all people, through the synthesis of state-of-the-science research, the dissemination of knowledge in education and training, and the application of the

Email: [email protected] 1 Applicable to current HKDSE Examination Candidates. 2 Applicants will be notified of the details of the interview by e-mail. 3 Applicants can check their application status through the Applicant Self-Enquiry System.

19/4/2016 · We are a group of students coming from HKU. Our aim is to investigate whether Hong Kong people can really enjoy sex. Check out our video!

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12/1/2019 · 其實放榜前已經一早諗定後路,報好哂澳洲ot,依家成績亦meet到conditional offer嘅要求,不過人總係留戀依家嘅事物,想再考慮下留低 hku nursing個interview撞咗我去旅行,仲要係一個月長途旅行,再加上嗰陣諗住考得唔好就出去讀,所以就放棄咗interview 唔知

Think you’ll be getting a well-deserved break once the DSEs are over? Not quite. If you’re applying to university, you might be invited for interviews. Young Post asked Hok Yau Club, a student guidance group that offers advice on further education, and some of Hong Kong’s university lecturers to share the top blunders candidates usually make in their interviews.

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OUHK will invite the shortlisted JUPAS applicants to attend the admission interview and/or written test. Shortlisted applicants will be notified of the details by email, SMS, and message to the message box of your JUPAS account. You may click here to check your interview time and registration venue as well as the details of interview and/or written test.

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Admissions Scores of HKDSE Applicants Admitted in 2018 Code Programme Selection Principle Upper Quartile Median Lower Quartile Lowest Faculty of Architecture 6004 BA(AS) Best 5 30 28 26 25 6016 BSC(SURV) Best 5 30 28 28 27 6028 BA(LS) Best 5

學院每年會因應情況調整學費,同學須按所屬級別繳交新訂定的學費。學費每年分兩期繳交,並須於新學期開課前繳付。 其他費用 同學入學時必須繳付港幣500 元「保證金」。保證金如未被扣除,會撥作該同學畢業費用,或於該同學中途離校時退回。

Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy General Office, L02-56 2/F, Laboratory Block LKS Faculty of Medicine The University of Hong Kong 21 Sassoon Road Pokfulam Hong Kong SAR General Office: Tel : (+852) 3917 9024 (+852) 2817 0859 [email protected]

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[CANCELLATION] AJS McFadzean Distinguished Lecture 2019 (Mar 27, 2020) Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Hong Kong (EDMHK) 2nd Annual Meeting (Oct 26-27, 2019) 24th Hong Kong Medical Forum (May 18-19, 2019) 24th Medical Research

In consideration of the latest situation with the Novel Coronavirus Infection, the JUPAS Office will be closed from 17 Feb to 22 Feb 2020 (inclusive). All enquiries should be sent by email to the JUPAS Office at [email protected] We apologise for any inconvenience

相信好多同學都對於醫學院的新面試模式 (MMI) 有好多疑問,即刻click入live睇睇啦!【港大速報】QS公佈最新世界大學畢業生就業力排名,港大畢業生就業力排名升至第九位,位列全港第一,更力壓牛津大學,反映我地嘅畢業生喺全球嘅

CU Nursing Student Ambassadors 中大護理學生大使, Hong Kong. 1.5K likes. Student Ambassador Programme, the Nethersole School of Nursing CUHK 香港中文大學那打素護理

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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) offers an intellectually-stimulating and culturally-rich academic environment, with attractive remuneration packages. Nurse (holding the functional title of Laboratory Manager) in the School of Nursing (Ref.: 499555) (to commence as soon as possible, on a two-year fixed-term basis with contract-end gratuity and University contribution to a retirement benefits